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What do you understand technology to be?

...what we do when we build mathematical models or models of any kind is make analogies. If you look at the early theories of the solar system and the cosmos, they were based on clocks, right? In other words, mechanical devices, we used to model the motions of the planets, and so hence we have our armillary spheres and astrolabes and all of these extraordinary devices that are in some sense embodied physical analogies. ...

David Krakauer - Complexity Podcast ep. 27

Rock → Stone mallet of the cave man → Thor's Hammer → Gavel of Justice → John Henry's Steel Drivin Hammer → Die cast claw hammer → Jack hammer → Medical "knee" hammer → Felt faced piano hammer



To make some mark that communicates beyond the now, creating a missive to others which communicates the wonder of living now.

Process [Translation]

A bridge was once upon a time a loose heap of pillars and rods and rivets of steel. But the identity of these is lost, just as if they had fused into a solid mass once the bridge is built. . . . The biologist as well as the philosopher learns to recognize that the whole is not merely the sum of its parts. . . . For it is not a bundle of parts but an organization of parts.

-biologist D’arcy Thompson (1942)
- noted by Curtis Roads (2016)
- sited by Scott Gresham Lancaster (2017)

Line Project

Turn individual lines of video matrix into sound

Katherine → Becky → Michael → Solo → Arctic Sustain Ensemble

SoundLines with Katherine performed in ambisonic setup, went on to help build ambisonic setup for stage

The Light Brigade

An artist collective

Fluor Sonoesence

Sound → Video → Sound

Fluor Sonoesence

Trombone Pitches

Electronic Pitches

the first time you closed your eyes

Could Discuss ambisonics, jacktrip, opera, sonification, 3d printed euphonium mouthpiece, tftcye

A tool to gain and impart perspective.

"Human beings respond intuitively to context-dependent cognitive impressions that are difficult to formalize"
- Curtis Roads
"Music intended to last, and to explore the abilities of the human auditory system and imagination."
- Robert Cogan

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  • utuquq (piano - trans movement 2 sound, image 2 score)
  • wimal (MUST WEAR HEADPHONES - fixed elec - the creation & manipulation of space)
  • simetra (most recent violin - trans audio 2 score & movement to processing)