So, what is that symbol up in the right hand corner of this webpage and where did it come from? It is a cloud that is derived from the pieces of gaffing tape that are used on my laptop to cover up the offensive light that emanates. The cloud is my iconic reminder of lovelyweather. LovelyWeather comes from observing humans exchange the phrase "lovely weather we are having". This phrase is used to both approve and disapprove of the current weather situation. I enjoy this multiplicity of meaning, a situation where the sound of the phrase indicates what it actually means. Sound is a central concern of my compositional practice. How an instrument can or does sound is a point of departure and in-fact, the point. The other aspect of lovelyweater that provides fascination is that it refers to the weather. Weather is a complex system that humans only have a limited understanding of. Weather has and always will exist. The weather that is associated with this planet provides a primary component for the context for life. It has the power to obliterate human life and it influences the emotional state in profound ways. This influence can be sensed directly and indirectly, just as the emotional content of art can. And so, that is why there is a little cloud up there. A cloud reduced to six squares and six circles. Oh yeah, I was born on the sixth.

christpher jette