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3 Wall

Duration: ca 2'52"
Instrumentation: Dance triggering sound through live video
Composed: 2017
Details: This is part of a larger collaborative work (Blind Spot) with Michael Sakamoto that tells autobiographical narrative through dance and live sound. Blind Spot explores intercultural identity and the desire to follow one’s nature, even in traumatic times. 3 Wall is an individual dance from this work and uses a live video feed from a cellphone to trigger 3 sonic walls. The dancer improvises within these imposed virtual constraints, where auditory feedback reveals the bounding of the digital cage. The triggered audio is manipulated in real time, furthering the dramatic narrative.
Collaborators: Christopher Jette (sound /& software) Michael Sakamoto (choreography, dance /& video)
Performances: Links Hall - Chicago Illinois
Highways - Los Angeles California


performance Michael Sakamoto

3Wall from christopher jette

A still from performance

Blind Spot Performance