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Instrument and electronics

Fumohihimo [2023] monoboard and video (14'20")

transmiherdogration [2020] reinophone with fixed and live electronics (10'425")

Push Onward [2020] monoboard, voice with fixed and live electronics (18'40")
Push Onward

SIMETRA [2018] violin, fixed and live (wii balance board) electronics (12'50")

Fluor Sonoescence [2017] trombone, live/fixed electronics and video projection (8'12")
Fluor Sonoscence

Psionic [2016] oboe, EEG headband and video projection (7'37")

utuquq [2014] piano, kinect and fixed electronics (6'39")

Ordered Table [2013] toy piano and fixed electronics (6'52")
Ordered Table

Fish Affected By Dreams [2010] viola and live electronics (17'56")
Fish Affected By Dreams

In Vitro Oink [2009] piano, wii remote and electronics (11'23")
In Vitro Oink

susoñe [2007] trombone and electronics (7'48")


nortem [2019] trumpet, trombone, euphonium, bass clarinet, baritone saxaphone, live electronics and fixed electronics (15'17")

Feedback Tree - for trombone quartet (5'46")
anOtherTwo - for flute, oboe, bass clarinet, piano, violin, viola, and cello (6'23")
anoOtherOne - for percussion trio (4'16")
ChetomBre Blu - for tenor voice, trumpet, trombone, bass clarinet and live electronics (15'43")
aiOrbPljectanes - for trumpet, trombone, piano and percussion (17'03")
sonaro - for flute, violin, viola, cello and guitar (3'20")
4UbyU - for four string players (9'36")
Snapshots - for piano, violin, viiola and cello (16'08")
pq - for violin, viola and cello (17'03")
TphubonV - for trombone and percussion (10'06)


Fixed Electronics

66.02N22.06S - ambisonic fixed electronics (10'50")
Wimal - ambisonic fixed electronics (10'45")
Unmoored Jetty - ambisonic fixed electronics (8'06")
Luminescent Tranjectories - 8 channel fixed electronics (6'22")
ToLEtFony - stereo fixed exlectronics (8'53”)
Inter - stereo fixed exlectronics (7'40)
Grey Ocean - stereo fixed exlectronics (3'06")
Arduous - stereo fixed exlectronics (6'11")


Solo Instrument

UnStaFectu - for violin (30")
Violin Sweet! - for violin (8'13")
4 Piano Miniatures - for piano (3’51")
Circle - for viola (7'23")


mb_ant_phaz [2024] Fixed video and audio

Quiet Open Space for Active or Passive Enjoyment [2021] Installation & Performance in Boulware Park

HandLine [2019] Performance translating movement into sound

Hypnosphere [2018] Immersive sound and light display

the first time you closed your eyes [2018] Concert of improvised acoustic and electronic music for 64 channels at CCRMA.

3 Wall: From Blind Spot [2017] Dance triggering sound through live video

Ice Walkers: On the Surface [2016] Sound and Visual Sculpture, sonifiying climate change data

Delince De Omer [2015] Interactive, multilayered sonification of dance

Frisson3 [2015] An architectual light show and telematic concert
Frisson 3

Follow The Light [2014] A site specific interactive sound and light installation
Follow The Light

LasuDax [2014] A reimagination of a Lassus motet using daxaphones and 3D vocal tract models

Solitude of Expanse [2014] Sonification and visualization of dance
Solitude of Expanse

#chronicled [2014] A realtime concert essay and concert review generating sound and mobile document

v->t->d [2014] Translated sonic improvisation and interactive video granulation

SoundLines [2013] Realtime sonification of dance
soundLines [2012] Web-based interactive audio-visual installation

Amazing Stories [2010] Fixed sound and video work
Amazing Stories

cmptr tap [2010] Typing and audio feedback live performance

Cell Tango [2008-2010] Multimedia Installation
Cell Tango

F.A.T.LAB [2009] Choreographed performative culinary experience

Retrato [2009] 16 channel audio 4 channel video immersive work

Lungen [2008] Sound dance and drawing performance



mono counter point [2022] 2 lines of tuning an individual string, tight beating patterns become the intervalic sequence.

MBphaz [2021] Using a monoboard delay lines controlled with a pad array and a microphone.

monoAllPass [2021] Using a monoboard & allPass IR's and the score being derived from the poses of the yogic sun salutation



together - A solo album of monoboard (monochord) with a three ended string.


The Electroacoustic Piano, Vol. Three: Off the Cuff - An album of electroacoustic piano works, showcasing pieces that call for piano improvisation and electronics.c performed by Keith Kirchoff. Available through cdbaby (for purchase)

Joe Tempelton - USSA - An album of improvised music by duo LOPHER (Christopher Jette and Luke Thomas Taylor). Available for download.

Apophenia - An EP of improvised electronic music, featuring Christopher Jette and Scott Cazan. Available through khalija records

The Electro Acoustic Piano - A digital album of piano and electronic music performed by Keith Kirchoff. Available through iTunes (for purchase) and cdbaby (for free)

electropology - An album of improvised electronic music available for download.

Waldorf Statlir - A limited edition black compact disk and handmade case.

waldorf statlir