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Duration: ca 10'50"
Instrumentation: 5th order ambisonic piece SN3D ordering
Composed: 2018
Production Details: Resonance of a place is heard and felt. 66.02N22.06S blends sounds, impulse responses and the ethos of two positions on the planet, 88.08 degrees apart (I am referring to the earth planet). Recordings from Iceland and Brazil underpin this work and the journeys by land and by sea in these locations are fond memories full of tales which echo within 66.02N22.06S. So, that is where it started and this is where you are, in a chair, in a concert hall, enfolded within these sounds and more. The game in my head are textual patterns connecting sonic events. This happens on multiple timescales, where the frames are established and manipulated. At last it's the real thing, or close enough to pretend.

The following is a binaural rendering (please use headphones - it sounds terrible in speakers) of the 3D ambisnoic work. Please contact the composer for a full 36 channel version.