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A Solitude of Expanse

Duration: 11'16"
Created: 2014
Elements: dance, software to sonify and visualize movement
Details: A Solitude of Expanse was commissioned by the Rasmuson Foundation for the 2014 Artist Awards Ceremony in Anchorage Alaska. The work uses movement to generate sound. The sound signals are then translated into projection material which is used to frame the dancers. The opening monolouge outlines the metaphysical space of the work. This software extends work began in SoundLines creating space for two dancers and formalizing the sonic structures.
Collaborators: Christopher Jette (composition & software), Becky Kendall (dance & choreography), Irene Rose(dance), Oscar Font(projection), Bruce Farnsworth (text and spoken word) & Sheila Wyne (technical design and lighting). Created by The Light Brigade.



Solitude of Expanse Overview from christopher jette

A Solitude of Expanse Performance from christopher jette