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Unmoored Jetty

Duration: 8'06"
Instrumentation: Ambisonic Fixed Electronics
Composed: 2016
Details: This work is utilizes recordings of an internal combustion engine collected with a contact microphone. This source material is processed and assembled into gestures. These sonic gestures serve as the building blocks for material moving in and about the ambisonic space. The main compositional concern in this work is how combinations of movement trajectories can sum into a whole or be perceived as individual components. The binaural rendering does not do justice to the spatial qualities of the work, rather it provides access to the sonic language.

As noted by an eminent candy proprietor, the seemingly stationary collection of concrete and stone that constitutes a jetty, can float. Lacking the security of an anchor or docklines, a jetty shall be considered unmoored. It is common for a jetty to remain securely moored at all times. A mooring load monitoring system (MLMS) can be installed on a jetty. All moorings will be passed from jetty to shore using a combination of heaving line and shore messenger on an endless loop. A terminal’s general service launch (GSL) is equipped to act as a mooring boat if required, but this will only be used in case of a genuine difficulty, e.g. failure of the mooring dolphin winch. A jetty must have a sufficient supply of good quality heaving lines of sufficient length to reach the furthest dolphin as per the agreed mooring plan. A terminal will provide the messenger lines and GSL. A GSL must have an internal combustion engine of varied sonic character to provide contact microphones with primary sound material for an unmoored Jetty.

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A binaural mix