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Duration: an evening
Created: 2010
Elements: sound, projection, prints & food
Details: F.A.T/LAB is a collective that works towards choreographed performative culinary experiences. F.A.T/LAB stands for Food, Art and Technology. F.A.T/LAB consists of choreographing different disciplines on a basic, yet complex activity, eating. Three main characters compose it: The Visuals, The Sounds and Tastes. It could be considered a maximalist dinner, in which and over-stimulation of different senses collide on every dish, every taste, every element. F.A.T/LAB alters the spatial qualities of the location, where the performance takes place. Visual and sonic alterations are synchronized with the food, smell and tastes, which are previously designed by the F.A.T/LAB group. F.A.T./LAB was a one time ticketed event presented at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum in 2010.
Collaborators: Christopher Jette (sound), Alejandro Casazi (visuals) & Joel Chapman (chef)


F.A.T./LAB Tailer from christopher jette

F.A.T./LAB performance clip from christopher jette