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Follow The Light

Duration: December 20 2014 - January 15 2015
Created: 2014
Elements: Sound-scape, lighting, solar panels & bikes to generate energy
Details: A month long installation produced in a park in December for the Anchorage Centennial Celebration. An interactive sound and light sculpture where pedestrian movement triggers changes in the sound and light design. The work is constructed of vintage 1960's municipal Christmas ornaments, the metal being refashioned into sculptures that also serve as the base for 50,000 LED's. Additionally, a field of fiber optic wands provide a light and sonic component and 4inch PVC tubing is used to diffuse an evolving soundscape. Stationary bicycles and solar panels were used to charge a battery bank that supplied power for the work.
Collaborators: Christopher Jette (sound, production & interaction design), Scott Pugh (technical & design), Bruce Farnsworth (production) & Sheila Wyne (design & production). Created by The Light Brigade.

Story on Anchorage Channel 2 News.

Story on Anchorage Channel 11 News.

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Follow The Light Overview from christopher jette

flyover video from Kurt Mayer

Rods with Moon study from christopher jette

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