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Duration: Indepterminate
Instrumentation: Immersive 9 channel audio and 300 LED light display for an individual
Composed: 2018
Details: Hypnosphere was orgionally developed by Joseph Barker as a immersive lighty display. In 2018 he and Jette collaborated to create an immersive light and sound display. The lighting chooses from one of 7 algorithems in a continuously evolving display, reaching past the limits of the visual field. The audio is a feedback network which takes audio from the live room and passes the audio across an array of nodes, where control parameters are controlled algorithmically.
Collaborators: Christopher Jette (sound, construction /& sound software) Joseph Barker (Design, construction /& lighting software)
Presentations: CCRMA Open House - Stanford CA
Bay Area Maker Faire 2018


Hypnosphere from christopher jette