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Ordered Table

Duration: ca 6'52"
Instrumentation: toy piano and fixed electronics
Composed: 2013
Details: Ordered Table uses a fixed electronic part and a live toy piano, amplified so that it is equal to the electronic part in the concert setting. The alignment of the toy piano and electronics is important as there are derivative echos in the electronics part.

Ordered Table uses all of the pitches of the toy piano segmented into two whole tone groupings, to create a counterpoint part heard in the toy piano. The electronics are initially derivative and tightly coupled. Later the electronics evolve into a unique voice. The work was conceived while sailing from San Francisco to Mexico and completed at the request of Keith Kirchoff upon returning to land in 2012. The title refers to an impromptu demonstration by the composer wherein a compositional act is performed by ordering objects on the table.

The title is a reflection of the compositional process and a larger observation about humans and the perception of order. With every large or small pile of things on a surface, such as a table, there is an order. That order could reflect the patterns of usage, or simply be the eye/thoughts of the viewer imposing an order. The electronics part of this piece is a collection of material derived from the toy piano part and ordered by the composer/observer.


performance and commisioned by Keith Kirchoff