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Duration: ca 7'37"
Instrumentation: oboe, Muse EEG headband and interactive electronics
Composed: 2016
Details: Psionic is an exploration of timbral space with sound material drawn from recordings of Florida swamps. These recordings are translated into notation and serve as the building blocks for the oboe part. In addition to oboe, the performer is fitted with an EEG headband, which is used to control various aspects in the electronic accompaniment. The performer exhibits both direct and indirect control over the electronics. The work brings together sounds controlled by brain activity, sounds evoking memories stored in the brain and the sonic synthesis of the neural activity in an attempt to blend mental facets into a sonic utterance. The video component was created by Angus Forbes and processes prints of sound on paper. Generated by the composer and Terry Conrad, speakers are used to agitate a printing vessel and the floating ink is used to produce prints. Forbes processes these images to provide an additional layer of counterpoint to the sonic material.

Performace of this piece requires SuperCollider and MaxMSP patch as well as a Muse EEG headband. The score is imbedded in the Max patch.

The 2019 Expanded Cinema Version: A collaboration between Christopher Jette, Courtney Miller and Daniel Fine

Psionic from chritopher jette


Premiere performance by Courtney Miller, who commisioned the work.

Psionic from christopher jette