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the first time you closed your eyes

Duration: Full Concert
Instrumentation: Flute, monoboard and multi channel/performer electronics
Created: 2018
Details: the first time you closed your eyes was a 2 part concert of improvised electronic music. The first half (PRSM) featured Matt Wright, Jane Rigler and Christopher Jette, the second half (the first time you closed your eyes) was Jane Rigler and Christopher Jette.
PRSM is a a multinode feedback loop manipulated by Jette and Wright in realtime. Rigler performs with this electronic accompaniment and is sampled in realtime.
the first time you closed your eyes is an ambisonic diffusion of sampled flute and live monoboard. Geometric forms are used as bounds for the diffusion of flute melodies in an ambisonic space. The live flute slowly circles within this space and adds a live layer of improvised/related material. The monoboard is diffused through different geometric forms on the ambisonic space.
Collaborators: Christopher Jette (monoboard, laptop) Jane Rigler (flute and laptop) and Matt Wright (laptop)
Presentation: CCRMA Concert 2018/01/22 - Stanford CA
Further Details: the first time You close your eyes is also presented as a solo work for prerecorded material and live performer.
Here is a solo version with just monoboard



PRSM from christopher jette

the first time you closed yout eyes from christopher jette