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Duration: ca 10'25"
Instrumentation: reinophone, video controled synthesis, fixed and live electronics
Composed: 2021
Details: The title alludes to a herd of reindeer which are simultaneously present and not real. Underscoring the work is the sonification of reindeer herd data, graciously provided by researchers at Arctic, Remote and Cold Territories Interdisciplinary Center (ARCTICenter) at the University of Northern Iowa. The annual herd densities across a section of Siberia are sonically distributed across the stereo field as masses of synthesized vocal utterances and sonorous clicks. The synthesis is inspired by both controlled vocalizations and the passive clicking of reindeer tendons. Performed in conjunction with this soundscape are an array of reindeer bells (reinophone - see image below) and a camera controlled digital instrument. The reinophone is presented with and without live processing. The synthesis of electronic sound via a video camera interface provides a digital counterpoint to the reindeer bells and acts as a countrapuntal voice. During each stage of composing, the sonic, social and physical characteristics of reindeer serve as a point of departure and inspiration. The totality of transmiherdogration brings together human performative intuition, precise digital renderings and provides a snapshot of an ancient and storied species.


performance by Kristina Hansen
This work was supported by a Norweigen Art Council Grant


reinophone image